Not a fan of pumpkins? Then maybe autumn is not the best time to visit Southwest Germany. Because that orange friend was everywhere! Soups, breads, cakes, pies, decoration… you name it.
I do like pumpkins, actually a lot, but I think I ate my yearly quota during the couple of weeks spent in Germany. Mainz, a cute city near Frankfurt am Main, had many vegan treats besides pumpkins. In the train station they even sold vegan Gummibärchen, gummy bears. I got to eat a burger in Mainz aswell, no pumpkins were harmed! (This paragraph seems to have suffered an overload of pumpkins too.)

Here are three great restaurants to visit in Mainz:

Salute Salate

Mittlere Bleiche 16
Salute Salate’s website

My friend brought me to this vegetarian restaurant and I am so glad she did. What a nice place! More importantly, their menu included burgers. I ordered also potatoes as a side dish. They had a crispy salt crust and I have never eaten potatoes quite like that before. I have to try to make these at home too.

The vegan burger on the menu was called Guerrillera. It had a millet patty, vegan cheese, tomato salsa and veggies. A good old fashioned burger! I returned here for a brownie another day, also worth trying.

Möhren Milieu

Adam-Karrillon Straße 5
Möhren Milieu’s website

Another recommendation by my friend and I loved, loved, loved it! The prices were quite high for German standard but that is pretty much the only minus of this fully vegan cafe.
We came here for breakfast. There are many different kind of plates to choose from.  My chosen one had avocado, hummus, bread, vegan butter, chutney, salad, fruit salad… mmmm… So good. I returned here too. That time I took a plate with tofu instead of avocado. Also super yummy!

Curry Kartell

Lotharstraße 24
Curry Kartell’s website

I had an obsession to eat a curry wurst and there were actually couple of places in Mainz that served a non-meat option. I chose Curry Kartell and was not disappointed. A seitan sausage with very meaty texture covered with a tomato sauce full of flavour and a huge pile of fries.

I think I have to visit Germany again during this tour just to swim in the ocean of burgers provided by the (vegan) capital Berlin. But Mainz was in no way a bad place for a foodie. Good restaurants, even better company and a much needed refresher course in German.

Burger count 10 countries, 19 burgers.

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