In Krakow it was time to say bye bye to solo traveling for a while and welcome the best travel company I know. Sandra and I have traveled quite a lot together before, so I know it is going to be a lot of fun (and it has already been). We share the same interests when traveling: eating wonderful food and visiting peculiar sights. Both were covered in Krakow.


Sławkowska 8
Krowarzywa’s website

Our first dinner together to start the trip? In Krowarzywa of course. Back in Finland our group of friends goes to have dinner together every Wednesday and Sandra and I always take the same dish. Because there is no worse thing than dish envy: when you order something else than your friends and their food looks much better than yours. So we both ate the burger of the month with cauliflower and it was just pretty much the perfect burger. The restaurant at Hoza street in Warsaw was more comfy than this one in the touristy old town, but the food was just as mind-blowing in both locations.

Nova Krova

plac Wolnica 12
Nova Krova’s Facebook page

We spent one afternoon searching for a memorial of Elvis, that is in a park a bit outside the central Krakow. It took us quite some time to get there (maybe because we managed to take a side-track that took us through a jungle-like path instead of a regular road).

Visiting the King took a lot of effort so we knew we needed to have as big burger as possible. I spotted a huge burger on Nova Krova’s Facebook page so it was a must to visit.  There were so many options to choose from, but we went for the seitan burger with some beetroot. I especially liked their sauces that there were many to choose from. I wish there had been even more sauce in the burger. Still, we left the place very happy.


Plac Matejki 2
Miazsz’s Facebook page

I needed wifi and this cafe was just few steps away from our hostel. Miazsz turned out to be such a nice place, I made it my office for the couple of days we stayed in Krakow. It also opened already at 8 am, which made it a great option for breakfast.

The cafe serves both vegetarian and vegan paninis, smoothies, cakes and juices. The several vegan options were well marked on the menu. I had an avocado panini as well as one with tofu and they were both delicious. If you like tasty sandwiches with a good cup of coffee, this is definitely your place.

We returned to kill time before our bus left towards Ukraine and I had a last dose of coffee and a juice with carrot, orange and ginger. I kind of regretted both the coffee and juice in the bus, when the first toilet break was after four hours of driving. Haven’t been so glad seeing a toilet sign in a long time.

Karma Coffee Roasters

Ul. Krupnicza 12
Karma’s Facebook page

The last morning before our departure to Ukraine we wanted to eat a good breakfast. There are many veggie restaurants in Krakow and most of them have really long opening hours but we didn’t find so many, that would open already early in the morning.

Karma is a coffee roastery that serves both breakfast and lunch. There were not that many vegan options but still some. Because we were preparing us for the seven-hour bus ride to Lviv, we decided to have two dishes instead of one: homemade granola with millet milk and toasts with different kind of spreads.

I didn’t get hungry until the evening so it was a good choice. The coffee was really tasty but I guess that is no surprise since the place is a roastery. Bonus points for serving tea called John Lemon.


Burger countdown: 1 country, 3 burgers


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