I started and ended my stay in Denmark with a burger. That’s the way to travel.

The Beginning

Astrid och Aporna Spiseri

You can’t believe it’s not dead, stated the sign in front. I am familiar with Astrid och Aporna veggie products, e.g. sausages, bacon and more, but I have never even heard that they have a restaurant, serving burgers and hot dogs. And after my visit I read in Facebook that they have closed their doors. That is such a shame, but they will remain in Vegan Burger Tour history as the first burger in Denmark.

Luckily Anni, my friend living in Copenhagen, helped me to find the best burgers and we took electric city bikes (!) to Astrid och Aporna Spiseri straight from the railway station where I arrived from Malmö, Sweden. We both ordered a bbq burger and I kept repeating how the patty was so tasty. Then I took another bite and continued praising the patty. What a great start for my short stay in Denmark. Now my only regret is that I didn’t eat more since there is no way anymore to visit the place.

In Between

Hope Bar

Larsbjørnsstræde 7
Hope Bar’s website

We had luck to get a table in this place, it was totally packed and I do understand why. The place is cozy and the food outstanding. Hope Bar calls itself vegan-friendly which in this case means almost everything is vegan, some dishes include chicken or cheese.

There were many options for breakfast and we went for the signature brunch plate with sweet potato fries, avocado paste, hummus, coconut cream and a tiny fruit bowl. When we got the plates we first thought there wasn’t that much food. At least to me brunch usually means a mountain-sized pile of breakfast. But it was surprisingly filling and everything on the plate was delicious, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I could have eaten more just because it was so good.

Yellow Rose

EDIT: Yellow Rose has closed its doors permanently.

This vegan cafe is fairly new and has cakes and pastries and also some lunch options. I ordered a sandwich with tofu and avocado. It was good, but as a lunch maybe a bit small. Or maybe I just have some problem with Danish dish sizing. That is why I went for a piece of cake as a dessert, what a perfect excuse. It was divine. The cafe was fairly empty but I am sure not for long.

The End


Frederiksborggade 26
GreenBurger’s website

I was continuing my journey from Copenhagen to Southern Germany and I needed something comforting before the 16-hour bus ride. To be honest, I think not even hundred burgers had comforted me enough.
Green Burger is a vegan fast food restaurant. Classic burger, chicken burger, hot chili cheese burger, extra bacon… All plant-based of course. I went for the classic burger meal. Compared to Astrid och Aporna the burger was a bit dry. Anyway, tasty and definitely worth eating. I think I would pop by often if I would live in Copenhagen. Only minus from the amount of disposable dishes, not very green.

Burger count 9 countries, 18 burgers.

2 Replies to “Burgers, Brunch and More in Copenhagen

  1. Mahtava blogi! Jos ehdit ensi kerralla Kööpenhaminan ulkopuolelle suosittelen lämmöllä Aarhusissa Mikunaa, jossa on parhaat maistamani vegaaniburgerit:)

    1. Kiitti vinkistä! Tanskan visiitti jäi syksyllä vähän lyhyeksi, joten olisi kiva mennä vielä uudelleen testaamaan burgereita myös muualle kuin Köpikseen :).

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