There is one restaurant I recommended to a friend even before I had visited it myself. It was Vegan Junk Food Bar in Amsterdam and I was sure it must be amazing after all the praising I had read. When I then heard that the recommendation was spot on and the place lived up to my (very high) expectations, I knew I had to go there as soon as possible myself.

A burger loving girl finds the way. We were visiting friends in Scotland and I was wondering how to get back to Finland. Amsterdam is not so far from London, I thought… When I found a relatively inexpensive train ticket there, it was decided. Around 24 hours in Amsterdam before heading home. Finally the chance to eat those burgers!

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Marie Heinekenplein 9-10
Staringplein 22
VJFB’s website

Vegan Junk Food Bar has two restaurants and they were just opening a third one when I was in Amsterdam. It turned out the ones I visited were quite different when it comes to atmosphere. Burgers were heavenly in both.

First stop was the VJFB in Marie Heinekenplein. The interior was cool with neon lights, graffitis – and a lot of pink. I decided to sit outside on the terrace since the sun was shining and it was nice and warm. My first burger outside this spring! The service was a bit cold though and I waited a long time for anyone even to take my order (this VJFB has table service). At least I had time to see all the portions other people had ordered and admire them. Amazing drinks, loaded fries and huge burgers of course.

The Original VJFB

The place is known for the over-the-top dishes, but I still went for the Original VJFB with a patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, three different onions, pickles and the house sauce. The burger was just perfect. Even though it was tall, it was easy to take a good bite, the sauce was delicious and it was just so good I smiled while eating (hard, I know). There was no question about it, I wanted to visit the other restaurant the next day.

The VJFB in Staringplein is the original one and is more like a fast food restaurant, a stylish one too but more informal and you order from the counter. I was thinking to try the chik’n burger I had seen on the menu the day before but the menu didn’t have as many dishes as the one in Marie Heinekenplein. I decided to upgrade my meal from the day before to Notorious Sumo. More patties (two), more onion (fried onion rings). Even though it sounds heavy as hell, it wasn’t. No, I didn’t leave hungry, but the taste was balanced and not too greasy. For the fries I took garlic sauce. I want to steal the recipe!

Notorious Sumo.

The third restaurant has opened on Eerste van Swindenstraat on the east side. That one I will test in the future I am sure.

The Dutch Weed Burger Joint

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47
DWBJ’s website

Needless to say, after that Sumo burger there was no space for another meal. Which hit me hard when I opened the door of The Dutch Weed Burger Joint. Weed here meaning seaweed that is grown in the Netherlands and it is used in the patties, buns and sauces. The woman behind the counter was super friendly and let me taste their burger sauce with summer lettuce, a fresh tasting seaweed. I loved it! While eating my cheese cake (there is always space for cake, right…) I decided that I will come another time and have the burger as well.

Btw, a cute cafe to have breakfast was…

Koffie ende Koeck

Haarlemmerweg 175
Koffie ende Koeck’s website

Vegan croissants! I repeat, vegan croissants! With vegan butter! The place was tiny and cute and the owner does most of the baking herself. It is a good place to start a day filled with burgers.

Burger count 16 countries, 28 burgers.

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