I have lost the count how many times I have been to Vegan Restoran V in Tallinn. Pretty much as many times as I have been to Estonia during the recent years and that has been quite many. The restaurant has a great menu, nice prices, cozy interior and the friendliest staff. What else can you ask for?

Happy hour at 6 am. Only on Helsinki-Tallinn ferries.

Tallinn is just a ferry ride away from my home city Helsinki and the tickets are usually quite cheap. The ferries are known for enthusiastic karaoke singing and drinking beer no matter what the time is. I prefer knitting and enjoying overpriced coffee.

Tallinn is a great city, I recommend to go around by bike in the summer, because there is much to see outside the old town. It is nice in general to bike in Estonia since it is flat and has interesting things to explore. One of my favourites has been Rummu quarry, an old limestone quarry that used to have a prison next to it. Now many of the buildings are under clear blue water and it is quite breathtaking to take a swim there.

Back to Tallinn. Vegan Restoran V is located in the old town so that is where I always end up. It was clear to me I wanted to have the Estonian burger of the tour there. The opportunity came fast since we were heading in the fall to Tallinn with my friends to visit Taimetoidumess, a vegan food fair. We have been there now twice together so I think it is legit to call it a tradition. Let’s just say we were not alone there.
V also had a booth at the fair but there was so much food that I tried some new stuff and saved the dishes of my favourite restaurant for the afternoon. A poke bowl from Tokumaru was crazily good. I have never been to Tokumaru but will go for sure, hopefully soon.
After the lunch it was time for cake. There were so many that it was a hard choice. I went for this mousse cake with yuzu fruit and strawberry and it was one of the best desserts I have had in a while. I just don’t know who made it! I think I wrote it down but I have no idea where that paper is…

EDIT: My friend did some excellent spy work with the help of a fair map she had saved. The cakes were made by Kokonat!

I am amazed at the cakes.
Chocolate mountains <3.
Making friends with the mascot.

Then it was time for the burger! Vegan Restoran V is quite small, almost always packed to the brim. So make a reservation! I don’t actually usually eat a burger at V (*gasp*) because there are so many interesting dishes to try. There was a “fish” burger on the menu but I spotted on Instagram that special offer was a pulled jackfruit burger that week. Yay! That was a clear choice, as were the starters. Beetroot ravioli with cashew cheese and pesto (my all time favourite and the pesto got a new fan from our group too), garlic ciabatta with different kind of pastes and a snack platter with smoked carrot “salmon”, grilled tofu, zucchini rolls, vegan cheese and what not. We might have gone a bit overboard but in my defence, we were four people and all the food was absolutely delicious.
Then came the burger! It was well balanced with coleslaw, cheese, rucola and barbecue sauce. The portion was just the right size, since I wasn’t exactly starving after our starter extravaganza.
The dessert of my choice was curd snack with raspberry and sea buckthorn. Really good, although the cake at Taimetoidumess stole my heart that day.

I am sure in this blog you will read more tips for Tallinn. One reason being I am taking a ferry there again next week. I am continuing my travels from there since I have still many countries to visit and burgers to eat. Stay tuned!

Burger count 11 countries, 20 burgers.

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