I had a short visit to Prague in the summer. I don’t know why it has taken forever to write about it because there was definitely no lack of food. On the contrary, Prague is full of vegan food and especially burgers! If you visit the city, just download Happy Cow app and enjoy eating and avoid the tourist hell that is located in the city center. I don’t think I have ever seen as many selfies sticks and tourist groups in such a small space.

This cosmonaut statue was definitely not a tourist hot spot, it was actually quite hard to find. But hot is was, I burned my ass when I sat on it. Thanks guys.

Here are the burgers of the trip, in the order of love. Although my favourite food in the city wasn’t a burger, more about that later.


Slezka 62
Moment’s website

This all-vegan place was a must-visit for me. It has many delicious sounding dishes on the menu from pancakes to sandwiches, but to my luck also two burgers. I chose a one with portobello mushroom, caramelized onion, mayonnaise and veggies. Fried potatoes as a side dish and the first evening in Prague was perfect.
The burger was a bit small but full of flavour. Winner burger of my trip. Also as a place Moment is super nice and full of stuff that makes you say hell yes. Like the toilet sign that states “we don’t care” instead of gender. Visit this place!
But word of warning: I ate also a dessert, a fruit pie, that was a bit weird experience. It had no sugar which then meant it had no sweetness what so ever. It was like eating a pie that was neither savory nor sweet. Unless you are avoiding sugar stick to the other delicious looking desserts Moment has.


Veleslavínova 10
Forky’s website

Forky’s is a plant based franchise with one restaurant in Prague. They have e.g. burgers and bowls in their menu. I went for Cheez Burger that had cheese (duh), pickles, red onion, tomato and barbeque sauce. The patty was crispy and all in all it was a very nice burger. My travel companion had a bowl and got so addicted to the croquettes that he went and bought all of the ones that they had ready and fried. They were good, I can’t deny.

The famous croquettes.

I read on their webpage that the restaurants donate franchise royalties to charities, especially to ones that work with animal protection. Even more reasons to visit this place.

Waipawa Letna

Šmeralova 12
Waipawa Letna’s website

Hidden in the basement, Waipawa Letna is a cute vegan restaurant/bar. I especially liked the wall art with vegetables. I might be just that crazy broccoli lady.
Or a crazy cheese burger lady since cheese burger was again my choice. There was also a jalapeno burger and beetroot burger on the menu.

Thumbs up especially for the homemade ketchup. On the other side of the table there was this amazing coloured crispy tofu salad. If I only had more space in my stomach.

Vegan’s Prague

Nerudova 36
Vegan’s Prague’s website

Vegan’s Prague is a bit fancier restaurant located next to Prague’s castle and located on the top floor of an old building. Some pre-dinner workout to get up all the stairs!

Where’s Waldo? Can you spot the vegan restaurant?

I had Leonardo da Vinci burger that had chickpea patty, dried tomatoes, cashew-almond sauce, eggplant and zucchini.

I have to say the burger was, hmm, very white. I mean everything in it was either white or orange. It luckily tasted better than it looked, but lacked something crunchy since everything, including the patty and bun, were soft. I have seen pictures of burgers from Vegan’s Prague that looked much more yummy. The lasagna my travel buddy had was much better as was the blueberry cheese cake I had for dessert. It saved my dinner at Vegan’s Prague.

Chlebícek Store

Náměstí Dr. Václava Holého 3
Chlebícek Store’s website

As said in the beginning of the post, my favourite food in Prague wasn’t a burger, no matter how many I managed to eat during our stay. This tiny store has only couple of chairs – and the best sandwiches ever. You can check their menu here, but even if you are too tired to click, I can tell you there are many options of this traditional Czech open-faced sandwich and all of them vegan. We had ones with  “egg” paste, tomato and cream cheese, caviar and herbs, potato salad, smoked pate, parsley remoulade and seaweed salad. We bought one round and went for more because they were just delicious.

Burger count 19 countries, 38 burgers.

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