The restaurants I visited in Vilnius would make together a great band name, wouldn’t they? I stayed in Lithuania for many days but I was mostly staring at the ceiling in my hostel bed being really sick. My biggest accomplishment during those days was to walk once 50 meters to the nearby store and make it back alive. Luckily I was feeling okay for couple of days and managed to visit two restaurants out of many interesting ones. For example GYVAS baras and its burgers have to wait until next time.


Vilnius Šopeno g. 10
Holigan’s Facebook page

I arrived late to Vilnius and Holigans happened to be close to my hostel. It serves vegetarian food and the staff was super helpful to explain the menu. They have burgers (yay!), salads and soup and you can request many of them vegan. Actually when I got my dish the cheese looked and smelled so much like cheese made out of cow’s milk that I had to go back to the counter and make sure the cheese really was vegan (which it was).
I have to say the dish should have been called fries with burger rather than burger with fries. I mean look at that beautiful mountain of potato! My choice of burger was called “Godly” and it had a vegetable patty, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, cheese and veggies. Very basic burger but tasty nevertheless. Holigans also sells some vegan cakes!

Holy Donut

Vokiečių g. 9
Holy Donut’s Facebook page

The café has many pastries containing animal products but it has one vegan bagel option and many vegan doughnuts. The bagel was super good, filled with hummus, avocado, tomato and rucola. I wasn’t hungry after eating that bagel but just had to order a doughnut since when there are vegan doughnuts how could I not eat one? I chose one with raspberry topping and it was excellent. I liked that the raspberry powder wasn’t too sweet. I recommend a visit here!

The vegan selection on the upper row <3.

Burger count 14 countries, 24 burgers.

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