There are a bit more than 100 000 residents in Luxembourg city and quite a few restaurants that serve vegan food. Many of them are lunch places though and didn’t help me much on the weekend. My visit was very short and busy and I managed to visit only one restaurant. Luckily that one restaurant had an amazing (luxem)burger and a killer dessert.It was a close call though. I went to Beet on a Saturday evening without a reservation and the place was packed to the brim. There was a one-person table free though, almost like a table that you have in a school class. It was meant to be!


32, Place Guillaume II
Beet’s website

Beet is fully vegan. They had e.g. falafels and salads on their menu, but also eight different burgers! They were divided in two groups: with vegetable patty or crispy patty. I would have wanted a crispy patty, but I also wanted to try a barbecue burger, that had a vegetable patty. The vegetable patty was in the end crispy as well, so I really don’t know what the difference was.

The burger was suppose to have barbecue sauce, vegan cheese, dark beer shallots, lettuce and smoked mushrooms. I think the cook had forgotten the smoked mushrooms, but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to order a big bowl of dark beer shallots and never stop eating them. They were so tasty and took the burger to a different level. If you have a good recipe for those, let me know. Right away!
It looks like the burger is really small because it is smaller than the french fries. True, the burger was not huge but in this case the fries bowl was enormous.

I still had space for some dessert. I saw that girls at a nearby table were having an awesome looking dessert so I chose that one. Moelleux au chocolat with ice cream it was. Good choice, even if I say so myself.

All the energy from the food was needed when I walked, definitely not the shortest way, back to the hostel. Let’s just say there are couple of steep hills and curvy narrow streets in the pretty old town where also Beet is located.

Burger count 21 countries, 42 burgers.


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