I wouldn’t maybe call Bucharest the vegan capital of Europe but it still had some restaurants fully vegan or at least serving vegan dishes. The problem was that they were either closed or had weird opening hours during the weekend as many other restaurants too. Or then we just didn’t know about the ones that were open. We did find food in the end but burgers had to wait. Luckily we did spend one Monday in Bucharest too to get the burger count up.


Strada Ardeleni 24
Rawyal’s Facebook page

We had Manuel joining our travel team and started the first morning all three together by going to Rawyal – got to love that name! The place serves, surprise surprise, raw food and it was really cute with a small patio. Unfortunately they only sold take away that day. It was pouring outside so we decided to get the raw burgers and go back to our flat.

I really loved the burger. It was tasty, the patty stayed well together and it wasn’t too difficult to eat either since the “bun” aka cracker wasn’t too hard. The fries were raw kohlrabi with some tumeric to fake the potato look. I love this kind of food that looks like something familiar but tastes and feels totally different. Manuel wasn’t a big fan of the fries which was good for me and Sandra since we got to eat more. Good start of the day. If we had had time I am sure we would have returned to try the pizza at least.

Sara Green

Strada Nicolae Caramfil 85
Sara Green Nicolae Caramfil’s Facebook page

In the afternoon it was time for a more traditional burger. There are two vegan Sara Green restaurants in Bucharest and we headed to the one near Aurel Vlaicu metro station. It turned out to be a pretty green food truck with tables and chairs in front. By this time the sun had made a comeback so it was more than okay.

The menu included sandwiches, wraps, salads and a burger called Happy Cow, which was the obvious choice. Especially the bun was nearly perfection, crunchy on the top and soft inside. Beetroot patty wasn’t too shabby either and in general I was again a very happy girl. Four countries visited, eight burgers eaten, many more ahead.

Burger countdown: 4 countries, 8 burgers.

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