Our road trip in Italy involved learning Italian radio hits by heart and for me getting over the flu of a lifetime. One of the highlights was of course visiting IHP Italian Horse Protection’s rescue center. Here are some other places and things that made my trip.

La Cortevilla

I hadn’t used The VeggieHotels site before, but I had wanted to. Luckily they have many Italian places listed so this was my chance. All the hotels and b&b’s on the site are vegetarian and you can make detailed searches if you are looking for something specific, e.g. a city holiday or fully vegan accommodation.

We decided to stay for a week in La Cortevilla in Suvereto in Tuscany and I am glad we did. It is an organic farm owned by wonderful Marinella and Paolo. I fell in love with the place, its warm and welcoming atmosphere and the awesome cats they had.

In Suvereto there are vineyards everywhere.

One of the reason we chose a vegan friendly b&b was of course the possibility to eat local food. We had breakfast at La Cortevilla everyday and returned for dinner almost every evening after visiting the pretty villages nearby.

There were four courses every dinner (have to love Italy!) and so many wonderful dishes: pasta, gnocchi, tofu croquettes, tiramisu… Everything in La Cortevilla is cooked by Paolo himself and many vegetables and fruits are grown in their own fields.

Eating ready-made microwave meals at the office back in Finland has never felt more lame than after this trip.

Breakfast with homemade vegan cake!


Vegan Madness at Supermarkets

I felt like a kid in a candy store in the Italian supermarkets. Especially the house brands had so many vegan products. My favourite selection was in Conad, but also the other giants Spar, Carrefour and Coop had many things to pick from. Me, my boyfriend, the leaning tower of Pisa and a pile of seitan sandwiches from the supermarket. That is love.


Autogrill’s Pastries

I couldn’t believe when I saw the sign on the counter. A gas station chain was selling vegan croissants and carrot cake! I had to support the cause and eat them as often as possible.

Croissants and cake.

The Italian gas stations are amazing when it comes to coffee. No matter how small the station, there is always a coffee counter with top notch machines and the baristas moving at lightning speed. Autogrill offers also plant-based milk, from other stations I forgot to check since I enjoy my coffee black, or americano as I was ordering at sooo many gas stations. In Finland I would avoid gas stations when it comes to drinking coffee, but in Italy they take this whole coffee thing luckily very seriously.

Vegan burgers at Autogrill.


Pizza, pizza and pizza

Even in the smallest village there is a pizzeria which means you never have to be hungry.  Some pizzas on the menus didn’t even have cheese, but I made sure to say senza formaggio and the results were as you would expect pizza to be in Italy.



The wedding of our friends was actually the whole purpose of this Slovenia-Italy-trip. The wedding in itself was just perfect thanks to the lovely couple and friends, the emotional ceremony and beautiful surroundings in Treviso. Since this is kind of a food blog, have to say that there is a lot, a lot of food in Italian weddings and the couple had made sure we didn’t leave hungry either. Good times!

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