We had arrived to Lviv in Ukraine near Polish border really late in the evening and left right away in the morning. There would have been some interesting restaurants to visit, even one serving vegan hot dogs. A bit bummed I flipped Happy Cow if we would find anything to eat in Ivano-Frankivsk, where we had a small stopover before heading to the Carpathian Mountains.

And there was one restaurant listed, Vegano Hooligano! I had heard of this chain already before traveling to Ukraine. Quite small Ivano-Frankivsk, at least compared to Lviv or Kiev, wasn’t the first place where I thought there would be a vegan restaurant (and burgers!).

We crossed the lively city center from the railway station and arrived to a quiet street where the restaurant was supposed to be. It didn’t look very promising. Streets with the same name exist also in other Ukrainian cities so I thought maybe there was a mistake in the app. But there in between some clothing stores we saw the sign. Probably the first customers of the day, we were going to start the day with a burger breakfast / lunch.

The menu included also at least wraps and salads, but we didn’t ask any help to translate those parts since our choice of food was clear. We ordered the “vegan power cheeseburger” (loving the name!) and when the bright pink burgers were brought to the table we knew it was the right choice. There were both falafel patty and tofu, hummus, delicious dill sauce and much more. The price was 65 UAH, around 2 euros. A perfect meal before heading to the countryside and enjoying the menu of noodles and co.

Vegano Hooligano Ivano-Frankivsk

Volodymyra Velykoho St, 14
Webpage for more information


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