It is settled then, I move here! That was my thought when I visited Warsaw two years ago because of the amount of vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

This time I spent couple of days in Warsaw and the situation hasn’t changed to worse. I do have to go back once again, because I could only tick couple restaurants off my long, long list.


Zabkowska 9

The evening before I left to Poland, I was manicly working on the computer, packing, running around pretending to be efficient and trying to unpack couple more boxes (we just moved to a new apartment and I had thought that of course I will manage to put everything in its place before leaving).

This led to the fact that when I arrived to Warsaw in the morning I went straight to bed and had a nice 5 hour nap. Waking up hungry, I looked for the nearest vegan restaurant and it happened to be BalBar. Zabkowska street, where it is located, is full of bars and restaurants, but because of my unconventional dinner time, there were not many people around.

Balbar serves eg. soups, smoothies and main courses from pasta to dumplings. And as the name suggests drinks. All the main courses costed around 5-6 euros. Many restaurants have a cheaper lunch menu, but I managed to miss the lunch time everyday of my visit.

I ordered a blackcurrant smoothie and potato cutlets with leek salad and mushroom sauce. The dish was certainly worth the price. Especially the mushroom sauce was so delicious I could have had just a (big) plate of that.

Think Love Juices & Vegan Food

Francuska 14

One of the best thing of searching for nice restaurants is that you end up in neighbourhoods you might not otherwise find and visit. Think Love Juices & Vegan Food is located in a quite hip area and the restaurant had a trendy vibe – and also quite high prices. I arrived to still make it to breakfast (I love breakfast!) and ordered “Breakfast treasures “, mainly for the adventurous name. Other dishes I drooled over included crunchy vanilla and lemon pancakes and fresh vegetable frittata with tofu.

When the treasures arrived to my table, I had to think that maybe the dish was meant for two. It was just enormous. It doesn’t look that big in the picture but it was. Different kind of breads, hummus, cashew cheese, lentil paté, pesto, salad and what else. It was also gluten free which I noticed afterwards reading the menu.

I have hardly ever problems finishing a dish, but now I did. So I took my time, since the food was really good. The sun was shining all the time but couple minutes after I finally left, a thunder storm started and I waited for the rain and lightning to end under a bus stop cover with a cute granny who was doing the sign of the cross.

I didn’t eat anything but a smoothie for the next 24 hours. Seriously.

Krowarzywa – Hoza

Hoża St. 29/31

I have a photo from my last visit to Warsaw where I have a huge smile on my face in front of Krowarzywa (translated Cow alive. That is the best name ever, period.). The burgers were gigantic and just delicious, no wonder the place was and still is so popular. It is actually a chain with restaurants in Lodz, Krakow and another one in Warsaw.

I knew I wanted to come back to Krowarzywa and I did. I had the Jaglanex burger and the tour couldn’t have had a better start. I just can’t believe how one can make so good burgers? The prices are at least for a Finn really low, this massive burger costed a bit more than 3 euros. Also the whole design of the place is just perfect, even the napkins are cute. They have really awesome and pretty webpage too.

I left again smiling. First burger in my stomach, many more ahead. At least 50.


Local Vegan Bistro

Krucza 23/31

I didn’t eat here, because I accidentally spotted it just after I had eaten at Krowarzywa. What a horrible timing. The food they served looked amazing and the place was packed. Next time!

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