Fun facts I learned while visiting Glasgow:

  • Duke of Wellington statue has had a traffic cone on its head for over 30 years, just because.
  • George’s Place square was renamed Nelson Mandela Place in the 80’s – which didn’t make happy the South African consulate general having its offices in that address.
  • The subway is the third oldest in the world and operates on Sundays only until 6 pm.
  • My favourite fact: vegans live in Glasgow like royals.

I am glad we stayed in Glasgow for almost a week and had friends there to help us find the best spots to eat. There was so much to choose from, even vegan haggis spring rolls and haggis pakoras (we didn’t choose those). But we did choose churros, burgers, vietnamese food, empire biscuits, Linda McCartneys sausages, afternoon tea and haggis flavoured chips. Almost all the cafés had vegan options, life was carefree and I am glad my pants were not too tight. Here are my favourites.

The Tea Rooms at the Butterfly and the Pig

153 Bath Street
The Butterfly and the Pig’s website

This was the (food) highlight of the trip, an afternoon tea. The tea room wasn’t vegan but our friend happened to know they also serve vegan version, at least if you tell it when reserving a table. The place was quite packed so a reservation is definitely recommended.

When the tray came, my jaw dropped near the mix-and-match china on the table. Hummus and butternut squash sandwiches, crackers with cream cheese, pickled cucumbers, chips, avocado cake, plum cake and rice cakes with jam – and tea, of course. Served in a place that had flowery wall papers, collection of tea kettles on the shelves and a pub downstairs in the end of a narrow hallway. Perfection!

The 78

10-14 Kelvinhaugh Street
The 78’s website

This place is a gem! It is both a fully vegan bar and restaurant. My choice of food was clear, the burger, even though e.g. quesadillas sounded really tasty too. The burger had dill pickle, coleslaw, mayo, lettuce and a seitan patty. Not many ingredients but they were just perfect. I especially enjoyed the seitan which was juicy and yummy. The place was very cozy and if I lived in Glasgow I would be a regular.

Hillhead Bookclub

17 Vinicombe Street
Hillhead Bookclub’s website

Hillhead Bookclub is established in an old cinema and it is a really cool space. The restaurant serves meat but has a vegetarian menu. The waiter was happy to help with what was vegan and what not and to my luck, the burger was.

The Burger was huge and had a sweet potato and black bean patty. I am not sure, but the patty seemed deep fried (it wouldn’t surprise me, people do deep fry Mars bars too..). There was also avocado sauce and slaw. Everything tasted good but the entirety was a bit dry.

The Flying Duck

142 Renfield Street
The Flying Duck’s website

It was a sunny day in Glasgow but we walked steep stairs down to a dark basement. For a very good reason. The Flying Duck, a vegan bar, has some amazing dishes. Hot dogs, loaded fries, burgers, subs, mac’n cheese, mylk shakes…

I surprised myself and didn’t go for a burger even thought the menu was impressive. I looked at their website know and seems they have now even more burgers!  I took a tofu sizzler sub and I just loved the crispy tofu and tasty mayo. I can imagine that the burgers must be superb too. Another reason to return to Glasgow.

Picnic Cafe

103 Ingram Street
Picnic’s website

After all the fried food it was time for a breakfast at a health cafe – where I ate a waffle. It was with syrup, strawberries, bananas and whipped soy cream. Delicious! I had also a cream cheese bagel with tofu cream cheese. So yummy, the breakfast prepared me well for the long bus ride back to London.

Loop & Scoop

665 Great Western Rd
Loop & Scoop’s website

All I have to say: vegan churros! Fifty percent of our group were Spanish and even they approved. I don’t know though who approved my food choice the first time we visited. It had mint and coconut ice cream that was decorated with a huge churro loop that had swam in some chocolate sauce and oreo crum. I don’t know if there is a civilized way to eat that monster but I didn’t find any.

The second time was after eating dinner at Hanoi Bike Shop and pizza at Paseano right after that. There is always space for churros, right? This time my choice was a churro cup which was the best dessert I have had in years. The ice cream cup was made out of churro dough and it was still warm. It was filled with mango sorbet and I just praised the person who has invented that dessert from heaven.

Loop & Scoop is not all vegan but the options were well marked and you won’t leave disappointed. That is a promise.

Burger count 16 countries, 30 burgers.

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