After almost a week in a village it was time to explore the city life and eat something else than camping food.

On the train from Ivano-Frankivsk we met the nicest girl, who took us with her friends to see Kiev. We had great time hearing about the city now and before and ate some nice food too, of course.

We dined at a non-veggie restaurant chain Puzata Hata that serves local dishes. Buffet style restaurants are great because you mostly see what you are getting even when not speaking the language. Plus now we had people with us who knew the place and spoke Ukranian. Perfect! We managed to fill our trays with different salads and yummy vegetable soup. No photos, since after the long train ride I forgot about the camera and just enjoyed the fact that food exists.

We did have time to eat at some veggie restaurants too between visiting gigantic Mother Motherland statue and wandering around the colourful streets.


Vul. Olesya Honchara 15/3
Tri’s Facebook page

Early Sunday morning is not the easiest time to find a breakfast place. The streets of the central Kiev where empty as we walked to Tri, a vegetarian cafe. Their kitchen was still closed, thus we ordered a berry smoothie, green juice and improvised granola with plant milk. The place serves mostly raw food and was on the pricier side. We were anyway happy to find some breakfast so early and would visit this place again.

One Planet

Kozhumiatska 16 a
One Planet’s Facebook page

We already visited one Vegano Hooligano restaurant in Ivano-Frankivsk and One Planet is part of the chain even with a different name and atmosphere: the one in Ivano-Frankivsk had a fast food type of setting, One Planet was more of a cafe with table service.

We had been walking a long day so we ordered three dishes: a warm mushroom salad, potatoes and burgers. We decided on a green burger with tofu, but since they didn’t have the green bun, it was actually a pink green burger.

The salad was super tasty but it had almost no same ingredients as what was written on the menu, e.g. ginger and tomatoes. Our salad had soya, walnuts and basil. It wasn’t a wrong dish, there was no such thing on the menu. We were happy, but if you have an allergy it is a different case.

After the salad we got potatoes quickly but then we waited for a really long time until one burger was brought to us. Then a long wait and the second one came. They had different sauces inside and weren’t really identical even though we ordered exactly the same.

Luckily we were not in a hurry since our dining took more than two hours. The food was really good but maybe they had some communication issues in the kitchen that day.

Green 13

Besarabsky Market, Bessarabs’ka Square
Green 13’s Facebook page

I guess our travelling in Ukraine was a bit of a Vegan Hooligan Tour. There are other restaurants to visit for sure, but these ones happened to be well situated and had nice opening hours. Green 13 is inside an old Bessarabka food court, really cool place in itself. They serve burgers too, but this time we went for wraps. They were ready fast and were tasty and fresh. I just love the dill sauce they use in Vegano Hooliganos, I would be happy to eat any dish with that. Thumbs up, good ending for a great short visit in Kiev.

Talking about wraps…

Vegano Hooligano Odessa

Mala Arnautska 59, Odessa
Vegano Hooligano Odessa’s Facebook page

In Odessa we had only a stopover but there was enough time to eat well. Vegano Hooligano was near the bus station so it was our choice, once again. Getting ready for a long ride to Chisinau in Moldova we ordered two wraps per person. One was filled with French fries and nori seaweed. Sounds horrible, tasted like heaven. I swear.

Burger countdown: 2 countries, 5 burgers.



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